40 Fabulous Womens Cardigan Sweaters Ideas To Try Asap

Womens Cardigans are a type of sweater, cover-up or jacket that opens in the front and could either fasten with buttons or a zipper. Mr. Rogers made the cardigan popular for men when he changed into one everyday for his show. Womens Cardigans have never really gone out of style although mostly they are ‘sweater sets’ with a matching turtleneck or smaller over-the-head sweater under a button-up sweater that your grandma would wear. Womens cardigans are more popular than ever with new fabrics, styles and designs for both young and elderly women.

Animal and Lace Cardigan
This is not a sweater but is still considered a cardigan because it is a small jacket-type cover-up or overshirt with a lovely black lace panel near the top of the shirt. This is a leopard print of green and black with other natural colors along with mother of pearl buttons. This is made from 50 percent cotton, 40 percent modal and 10 percent wool, must be hand washed and dried flat.

Merino Ethereal Ruffle Cardigan
This is not really considered a sweater even though it is made of wool and it is a womens Cardigan. It is a light rose shirt-like cover-up with a delicate ruffle running up both sides of the crinkled chiffon silky cardigan and continuing around the flounce neckline. This soft material is a whisper-weighted merino wool which feels like silk. This petite cardigan could dress up a pair of jeans and t-shirt or a nice skirt and blouse. Dry clean only.

REI Kahalo Cardigan Sweater – Women’s
This womens Cardigan is a stylish choice for work, dinner and a movie or a walk in the park. Material is a fabric ‘blend’ of several textiles and requires hand washing and flat drying. The collar sits slightly above the neckline and there are decorative pleats at the rear edges and front near the breast. This is more of a jacket style cardigan and has center front button closures. There are two small pockets on either side of the front and the cuffs, pocket trim and sides are all ribbed. This womens Cardigan comes in hazelnut, blackened pine and redrock orange.

Shaker Cardigan Sweater
This womens Cardigan is warm, comfortable and trendy with a shawl collar, flattering and slimming longer length – 30 inches long, removable shoulder pads, side vents and front pocket. This machine washable cardigan is made from a soft acrylic material combined with a knit fabric and comes in off white, rosewood, black, navy, Dutch blue and taupe.

Women’s Original Pattern Fine Gauge Crew Cardigan Sweater
A womens Cardigan, featured with beautiful star burst or perhaps they are floral designs covering this fine gauge crew cardigan sweater. Made from Supima┬« – America’s finest available cotton fabric – in addition to shape-keeping stretch treated fabrics makes this is a great cardigan to wear all day at work or out shopping and running errands. This professional and versatile cardigan comes in aurora red, soft fern and true navy.

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