34 Cool Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Guys That Look Masculine

Today, this is not just a rumour, but it’s a real fact now. Tattoos and everything connected to them are taking more and more space in people’s life. Their popularity increased significantly during the last few decades. Today, having a tattoo became important part of person’s lifestyle. One of the reasons for this popularity rising is the fact that they are not taboo anymore, like they used to be.

But even today you will find some places where people will not look at tattooing with approval. Anyway, when going deeper into this topic, it can be seen that some tats are more popular than the others. For example, back tattoos are definitely number one in popularity. But, arm tattoos are just right behind them, rising really fast – especially arm tattoos for guys. Let’s go even further and see what types of arm tattoos for guys are really popular today.

Armband tattoos for men. The ones that are usually wrapped on upper arm, around biceps are called armband tattoos. Men really do like wearing them since they effectively highlight well-built biceps. Also, they are pretty easy to hide – it just takes shirt sleeves to do that. The most popular armband tattoos are the ones that come with tribal designs. These are black with thick and sharp lines, which gain really strong and powerful effect in viewer’s eyes. Armband tattoos are definitely a great choice for someone who wants to take a small intervention with strong outcome.

Shoulder tattoos for men. Covering a large area on the upper arm, these are more complex than armband tattoos. However, shoulder tattoos give the person a large space for expressing creativity, personality and at the same time they are easy to cover with shirt sleeves. The most attractive designs for shoulders are unavoidable tribal designs. Also, very popular are memorial designs. More and more people have a need to remember their lost loved ones through memorial tattoos. Cross designs, dragon designs, koi fish designs, stars designs are all considered to be very attractive tattoo designs when it comes to shoulder tattoos.

Half sleeve tattoos for men. We have two different types of them. One that covers the whole upper arm, from top of the shoulders to the elbow, and second that covers the whole forearm from elbow to the wrist. One difference between those two types though is that it is much harder to hide forearm half sleeve tattoo than upper arm half sleeve tattoo. It is obvious why! Isn’t it? However, both types look really great on the wearer, and in dependence of chosen design these tattoos can have many meanings. Also they can consist of many small tattoos, so it could be the process that last through time. And on the end this group of many small tattoos could be gathered in one big half sleeve tattoo. On the other hand person can have only one project where the whole half sleeve tattoo would be inked. Although the inking process itself is more complicated than for armband and shoulder tattoos, half sleeve tattoos really express person’s specificity in many ways.

Full sleeve tattoos for men. As the name itself says, they cover the whole sleeve area, from top of the shoulders to the wrist. If half sleeve tattoos are all that great, special and complicate at the same time, full sleeve tattoos are as twice as stronger than that. So everything that has been said about half sleeve tattoos worth here also – but with steroids! These are extremely colorful, covering the most of the time the whole arm skin. Basically, full sleeve tattoos are very expensive and it takes many sessions at tat artist to get the project done. But when it is finally done, it really looks cool. The wearer of full sleeve tattoo can really show off with that piece of art on his/her arm because it really is.

With everything said above, one can see that today’s popularity of arm tattoos for guys is really justified. Today it is hard to find a male celebrity that doesn’t wear such a tat. And since most of the people find their role-model in celebrity word, it is not surprise why popularity of arm tattoos for guys is rising so fast.

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