32 Pretty Silver Hair Color Ideas For Women To Try Asap

Silver is a malleable and a ductile element. That’s why it is being widely used for making jewelry, these days. However, the use of silver for making jewelry dates back to almost 5000 years. But, the silver jewelry items made today are much intricate and elegant than those made in the ancient times.

Nowadays a very special kind of silver used for making most of the silver jewelry items is the sterling silver. The silver ornaments made of it are highly admired by the women; in fact, they are admired by the men too. But, as the jewelry items are associated more with women than men, they are more common among the former.

There are a numerous varieties of silver ornaments available in the market at present. The vital reasons behind their popularity are their magnificent appearance, durability, cost effectiveness and minimal weight. Moreover, unlike the gold ornaments, the silver ornaments match with all skin tones due to their pure white color. These days semi-precious stones are also used in silver jewelry which provide them with a stunning look. Some most common types of silver ornaments in fashion are as mentioned under:

1) Anklets: They are one of the most common types of silver jewelries. They are worn both by married women and unmarried girls. These anklets are crafted by skilled artisans who engrave intricate designs and patterns on them.

2) Necklaces: Necklace is a very popular and attractive piece of ornament. Its beauty increases even more when it is made of sterling silver. These necklaces are eye catching by their very appearance. They are lightweight, hence comfortable to wear. The various varieties of these necklaces include bead, chain, choker, and pearl.

3) Bracelets: It is a predominant silver ornament, mostly worn by women with the evening gown. Teenagers usually worn them with jeans and tops. The semi-precious stones and beads are a part of these bracelets which adds to their beauty. The various types of bracelets are charm bracelets, ankle bracelets, and beaded bracelets; all made of silver.

4) Pendants: Pendants are contemporary items of silver jewelry. The young generation has a vogue for pendants, especially those made of sterling silver. They are not necessarily worn by the women; men also worn pendants. This piece of ornament is both plain and stone attached. Their most common type is cross pendant.

5) Hair Clips: It is an admirable women accessory. They are elegant in look and used for tying the hair. The stone attached sterling silver hair clips are totally incomparable. These hair clips are adorned by artistic processes like engraving, embossing, etching and filigree.

6) Brooches: This piece of ornament is one of the most admired silver ornaments among the women. They come in numerous designs, sizes, and shapes. Semi-precious stones are frequently used in brooches. They match with any of the ladies clothing. Also, they are very inexpensive. Thus, people do not hesitate in purchasing them in considerable numbers.

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