Impressive Bat Tattoo Designs Ideas That Will Inspire You30
Impressive Bat Tattoo Designs Ideas That Will Inspire You30

37 Impressive Bat Tattoo Designs Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Tattoos are rising in popularity and becoming more mainstream, much to the dismay of tattoo fans worldwide. With the number of people seeking plastic surgery on the rise, body art and body modifications, such as tattoos and piercings, are now commonplace. Tattoos can now be found on the bodies of everyone from fashion conscious teenagers to grandmas and everyone in between.

With the increase in the number of people getting tattoos, the only way to look different is to carry a truly unique tattoo style. This is the reason why more and more people are seeking unique tattoo designs. A unique tattoo design will make one truly stand out and attract a considerable amount of attention from others, either admiration or disgust, depending on the kind of reaction you are after.

While some choose more abstract tattoo designs, using a well known mythical creature in your tattoo is one way of getting something unique while allowing people to instantly recognize your tattoo design. Believe it or nor, instant recognition of your tattoo is a good thing because people will perceive the qualities attributed to the mythical creature to the person wearing it. For example, a young woman with a fairy tattoo on her lower back will attract the attention of men who will attribute the qualities of a fairy to her and will believe her to be exciting and spontaneous even before they speak to her! Such is the power of tattoos of mythical beings.

If you are considering getting a tattoo of a mythical creature, listed below are some of the best creatures to experiment and interpret in your own special way.

Fairy Tattoos: When one sees a pretty fairy tattoo, Tinkerbelle comes to mind. Lightness of being, a fun spirit and good nature are immediately attributed to the wearer. Interestingly when a fairy tattoo is inked with dark overtones: dark bat wings, horns on the fairy, missing eyeballs etc, the interpretation is completely different and complex. This way a fairy tattoo can fit anyone, from a young girl to a middle aged biker, depending on its interpretation and the actual design.

Dragon Tattoos: Dragon tattoo designs are a perennial favorite because there are good and bad dragons in mythology. This allows dragon designs to be wide open to interpretation. Dragon tattoos are eye-catching and look really attractive. The complexity of the creature’s body allows for some awe-inspiring designs that will have people staring at your dragon tattoo admiring all the details in it. Getting a dragon tattoo will instantly enhance your personality by adding dimensions of complexity and mystery. Dragon tattoo designs look great on men due to the masculine qualities attributed to them.

Angel tattoos: Angel tattoos are wonderfully versatile. They span the range from angelic to the truly evil. They could be infant like, for ex: cupid, or they could be scary looking fallen-angel types, aka, the devil. This wide range allows for wonderful interpretations on angel tattoos. Pair them with other images and you could create a unique visual story with your tattoo.

There are lesser known mythical creature tattoos that you might want to look at, such as phoenix tattoos, wizard tattoos and unicorn tattoos. The beauty of picking a mythical creature for your tattoo is that you can get a tiny tattoo somewhere on your body or a large one covering your entire back and it will still retain it’s magic and power to impress.