30+ Superb Versatile Jeans Ideas For Fall To Try Asap

Denim has almost reached an iconic status amongst the youngsters and whilst it is really difficult to point the time of exact evolution of the outfit called “jeans” into a youth icon, there is no doubt of their impact!

Jeans seemed to become a key fashion item for the mid-1950s teenage generation, and since then they have remained constant though, its fashion forms have changed slightly.

Denim is perhaps one of the most versatile materials that have never faded into oblivion in spite of the mushrooming of different materials and attires. It is almost an object of worship all across the world irrespective of religion, nationality or sex for that matter. Indeed, it has been conceptualized by fashion designers and worshippers all around the world in the form of skin tight jeans, shrugs, minis, micros, pedal pushers, jackets and many more.

After much research, today the fashion world can wear more than a hundred kinds of jeans fabrics including stretch, ramie cotton, poly, chemical denim washes and mechanical denim washes. Out of all these, stretch denim, according to a survey, rates the highest in the popularity chart. It is roughly 98% cotton and contains 2% spandex to create desired stretch. The spandex imparts the wonderful fit and the easy movement. The fashion world has caught the trend for strength denim; especially the female consumer due to skinny jeans causing rave in this arena.

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