30+ Admiring Fall Plus Size Outfits Ideas For Women 2019

You are a fashionable and stylish plus size gal. But as it starts to get cooler, you start to shiver, and not just with the cold! It is only recently that manufacturers and designers have started to realize that not everyone wears a size 6 or 8 or even a 10. In fact, 60% of North American women wear a size 14 or above. Great news for those of you belonging to the majority of 6 from 10 women!

Up until now, shopping for plus size coats has been a depressing experience, to say the least. Sloppy, boxy cut coats that were more reminiscent of tents than fashionable outerwear were the rule. Designers have started to come around to the fact that 60% of their clients are plus sized and have started designing trendy plus size fashion for us.

This reflects not only in the choices available but also in the price for trendy pieces. Whereas plus size clothing was either lower quality or much more expensive (or both!) than regular sizes, today we have a plethora of styles and fits to choose from.

Plus size coats shopping should be a priority on your clothing list. For many of us, we will be wearing our coats for 5 months straight. No matter how great your outfit is, how well put together you are, if you are throwing an old shabby coat over your outfit all anyone will see is…a shabby coat!

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