20+ Enchanting Women Outfits Ideas With Cardigan For Fall

The old adage that says “there nothing like homemade”, applies to more things than food. Some of the classiest and best clothing patterns also come from those woven, stitched or knitted by hand. With three-four seasons a year perfect for shrugs and cardigans, knitters can find a whole host of shrug knitting patterns and cardigan knitting patterns that are perfect to emphasize almost any season.

For the wonderful holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, nothing can be more elegant an accent than a lovely hand knit cardigan that matches that special outfit. For New Year’s and Easter, or any special elegant holiday or festivity, there is nothing is quite as frilly and feminine as a glittery or lacy shrug.

For the young adult shrugs are a quite popular clothing accent for dances, and graduations. These beautiful clothing pieces are hand crafted and knitted are not only more original than the store bought. Additionally, they are more personal, elegant and usually of higher quality than that of any store bought piece of clothing.

Shrugs are quite a popular fashion accessory in the spring and summer months, and finding colorful delicate shrug knitting patterns is a fairly easy task. The bright colors of spring and summer make for such a delightful variety of choices. Knitters should note that lighter yarn should be used for a shrug designed and tailored for any summer month patterns. In contrast, a mid texture yarn is generally recommended for any springtime pattern. Shrugs can be interwoven with laces and ribbons for that perfect holiday or special occasion elegance.

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