30+ Rustic Fall Outfit Ideas For Women Over 40 Years

Want to look Fab this fall, but confused about what styles a woman over 40 should wear to make her look like a boomer babe? Here’s a rundown of the latest Fall Fashion Trends with suggestions for what works best for midlife mamas!

Grey may be the new black but its one color trend that you’ll want to be careful with. Not everyone looks good in grey, particularly if you have warm skin tones. It also has the tendency to wash you out after 40. So, be careful of this often “blah” color, and make sure to pair it with one that will brighten a dreary day up like a beautiful shade of plum or red.

This fall it designers can’t seem to make up their minds, so they’re doing both the wide legged pant and the skinny pant. The wide leg pant looks good on almost everyone, particularly women with bigger hips because the flare of the legs will balance you out. Just make sure the top you choose to go with wide legged pants is not bulky, or you’ll look like a big block. Also, if you are going to add a jacket, it should be short and fitted; otherwise you look overwhelmed by fabric. If you are slim with long legs, then you can pull off the skinny pant. Try pairing it with chunky knit sweater for a hip, sexy look.

Menswear is hot for fall. That means the vest is back and in high demand. If want you to look stylish after 40 the vest can be a fun and trendy way to update your wardrobe. Layered under a jacket, or worn over a loose blouse with either wide or narrow leg pants, or a long skirt, it is this season’s statement piece.

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