20+ Classy Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Women Trending This Year

Ombre hair is meant to look both sophisticated, while maintaining a trendy edge. When choosing Ombre hair, it’s best to choose a color that will blend well as it fades into your natural hair color. As your roots will be darker, you may want to choose lighter browns, reds, or even blonde. You’re going to want to avoid drastic colors unless you have long enough hair that the fade will be gradual.

After choosing your color, you’ll want to decide where your natural hair color and your dyed hair will converge. As a general rule, the lower that the two meet, the safer you’ll be. Having each color meet too high on your head may give the appearance of roots that haven’t been touched up. Most people choose to have the colors meet at the jawline.

The next step is to prepare your bleach, to remove the existing color from your hair. Be sure to take all safety precautions and wear gloves at all time. Most stylists recommend using 20 volume bleach. Once you’ve mixed your bleach into a cream, set it aside and divide your hair into sections, pinning it off from the rest of your hair.

Using an application brush, apply the bleach, starting from the ends and working your way to your chosen fade line. Take your time while doing this, and work in small sections to ensure that all of the strands are evenly coated. After you’ve completed the first coating of bleach, you’ll want to apply a second coat of bleach, starting at the tips and finishing halfway between your fade line.

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