Lovely Mens Shorts Styles Ideas That Looks Cool 36
Lovely Mens Shorts Styles Ideas That Looks Cool 36

30+ Lovely Mens Shorts Styles Ideas That Looks Cool

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It’s safe to say, shorts are notoriously hard to pull-off, especially so for men. You can probably remember numerous occasions when you have seen a really bad fashion faux-pas, simply because of the style of shorts the men have chosen. In terms of choosing the right style, the main thing to remember is that this all depends on your body shape.

Tall men with skinny legs often look particularly bad in shorts if they choose the wrong style. Avoid baggy shorts as these will only emphasise your thin legs and make you look like you’ve bought the wrong size of shorts. However, men with shorter and wider legs often suit the more loose-fitted shorts.

In terms of how to wear them, the rules are really quite simple. Casual shorts should be worn with casual items, not long-sleeved shirt, for example. Smarter, tailored shorts, on the other hand really suit slim fitting shirts. In fact, if worn correctly tailored shorts are even ideal for wearing to work on hot summer days.

Colours also obviously prove to be a problem for many short-wearers. The majority of British men have extremely pale, white legs, due to the fact that they are only exposed to the sun for, at the most, a couple of weeks a year. If you’re one of these men, it’s best choose bright colours or patterned Hawaiian style shorts as these will only add to the problem. It’s recommended that you opt for more neutral, block shades like navy or beige.