Hottest Fall Styles Ideas For Women To Try 28
Hottest Fall Styles Ideas For Women To Try 28

30+ Hottest Fall Styles Ideas For Women To Try

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Autumn is here. Feel the chill in the morning when you are up and getting out to work? It’s time to start thinking warm weather accessories, and there is no better place to start then to start from the top – your head.

Each season has it’s own head gear. Think bathing caps and sun hats in the summer, and angora pull on hats or woolen caps for the winter. What about the fall? Since the weather in autumn can be so quirky, its always best to go with a medium weight head covering that can be removed if the temperatures heat up. If you are planning on buying a head covering at this time, its best to keep in mind that winter is right around the corner, and you may want to buy a hat or beret that will do double duty.

This season, we have seen a resurgence of the classic cotton beret. While it is made of a light cotton fabric, it definitely can keep you warm in chilly weather, especially if you pull it over your ears when you are outside. Another great head covering for the fall is the kufi hat, or pull on hat. This kind of hat covers the top of your head, and can cover your ears if desired, but isn’t too hot and stuffy, either.

Pre-tied bandanas are a year round staple for women looking to cover their hair. In the autumn, you can buy fabulous printed pre-tieds in great fall colors, such as brown, orange, or rust. Have fun with the appliques as well – this season you will find lots of fun furry appliques on your favorite pretieds!