30+ Fabulous Mini Skirt Ideas For Women This Season

When people think of the mini skirt, often they may think ultra short. This is not entirely the case. The style was first introduced in the 1960’s in Europe. Then, it was defined as any skirt with a hemline above the knees. Today, it is known to be much shorter.

The introduction of the mini skirt is often given to Mary Quant, a fashion designer in England. Others credit this fashion statement to André Courrèges, a French fashion designer. Both designers claim the invention of this fashion craze, although it is unclear who developed it first. There is no doubt that Courrèges designs changed fashion forever while Quant arguably liberated women’s fashion as the way we know it today.

In the United States, the mini skirt did not gain nationwide popularity until 1966-1967. Since its introduction, the popularity has grown in exponential numbers. When this fashion trend was first introduced, the hemline could typically be found 4-5 inches above the knee, although it has been reported that in London, the hemline could be found 7-8 inches above the knee. Today, the mini skirt is shorter than ever.

As part of a growing trend, many women today are wearing these skirts with leggings or hot pants underneath to compensate for the length. Often, this fashion trend is made with such a short hem, it is necessary to wear another piece of clothing underneath. Many women feel comfortable and look quite stylish wearing the mini skirt in such a fashion.

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