30+ Pretty Leather Dress Design Ideas That Inspire You

Ah, leather dresses. These body-hugging, black-as-night, sexy-as-hell outfits are making a comeback and you can bet your LV bags that it is a fashion trend that we must embrace with open arms. So, what if you do not have the body of Brooke Decker, the sex appeal of Angelina Jolie and the bad ass attitude of Lady Gaga? You can still be part of this hot trend and love every minute of it.

Leather clothes are great ways to channel all the feminine sexiness, sassiness and strength of these Hollywood goddesses even in everyday situations like a hot date. Yes, you need not wait for the red carpet to be rolled out, thank you very much, since the streets of the city will suffice. If you are planning a night at the dance club, go leather. You will be amazed at how hot you’ll look and how many heads you’ll turn.

But you do not just pull leather dresses from their racks just because you have seen your favorite celebrity wear a similar one either. You have to take into consideration your body type, your purposes for the dress and your budget. In the end, you will be the one paying for and wearing the dress so it makes sense to look at yourself first and foremost.

Here are a few tips to choose the right kid of leather dress so that you will appear sexy-as-hell in it. Or to put it another way, so that you can turn heads wherever you may go and those heads will definitely be nodding in approval.

First, you have to purchase a leather dress in your size. Unlike materials like spandex and Lycra, Leather does not expand to accommodate your body proportions. You want a leather dress that will hug your curves but it should neither cause breathing difficulties nor lead to wardrobe malfunctions. The best fit is a “second-skin” fit. That screams sexiness.

Second, you should choose a leather dress that emphasizes your asset and minimizes your flaws. You need not be constrained by tube dresses since there are dresses in one-shoulder, sleeveless, and mandarin styles. And leather dresses can be as revealing as you want. You’ll love the styles and how you can tease guys with the right leather dress until they are ready to melt!

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