20+ Glamorous Lips Colour Ideas For Party

Sometimes it’s hard to express our individual personality when the lipsticks we see are all the same. I’ve seen lips of many shades of red, yet blues, greens and even oranges are far and few between. What about bronzes, earthy browns, silvers and golds? Not every set of lips was meant to be red.

For that matter, not every set of lips should be red!

Granted, if you wish to spend a great deal of money on your lip shade, you can probably find the colour you are looking for in top end celebrity or specialty stores. But it is, after all, just lip colour. So why not just make your own lipstick?

It’s quick and easy to create a personalized lipstick shade that is custom made just for you.

All you need is a little petroleum jelly and some powdered eye shadow. Of-course, you won’t be molding this into a tube, so a container to hold your lip colour in is probably a good idea too.

I suggest you start with a new package of eyeshadow, so as to avoid any possible contamination. Eyeshadows come in every colour imaginable, and are easily converted into lipstick colours. Simply scrape some of your eyeshadow into a dab of petroleum jelly and mix together until smooth and coloured. You can increase or decrease the depth of colour with the amount of eyeshadow you use.

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