Impressive Ornate Masculine Accessories Ideas 30
Impressive Ornate Masculine Accessories Ideas 30

30+ Impressive Ornate Masculine Accessories Ideas

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Men wearing rings is not a new phenomenon. Since ancient times, they have worn wedding bands and other practical pieces-practical because they actually served a purpose. For instance, men’s thumb rings were worn to protect the fingers while shooting arrows and as an identifier for physicians.

Royalty and noblemen wore signet rings to identify their family and to serve as their official seal for correspondence. They dipped the ring in hot wax and pressed it to the documents. But today, the styles for men are becoming more fashionable and less about utility.

The tradition of exchanging class rings among teens is improved upon with the promise ring for girls and guys. Yes, there are men’s promise rings. The concept is the same-the girl is pledging her love to her beau and promising that they have a future together. This ring is typically inexpensive and simple, usually just a band of gold or silver with the names engraved on it.

But, women are doing more than promising themselves, they are proposing. Sometimes waiting for the guy to get down on one knee just takes too long and it is not an uncommon practice for the woman to give a men’s engagement ring to her lover. There are even sets so that the engagement and the wedding band match!