Lovely College Party Outfits Ideas For Spring 39
Lovely College Party Outfits Ideas For Spring 39

30+ Lovely College Party Outfits Ideas For Spring

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If they haven’t already hit a beach near you, you can expect Spring Breakers across the country are packing up their party gear for bring a bit of rowdy, raucous merriment this March. Grey skies have cleared up and high school students, college co-eds and those of us old enough to know better are ready to put on a happy face and get the party started. And, nothing makes Spring Breakers happier than a good party and standing out amongst a sea of tanned, toned beach bods.

One way you are sure to get noticed is put a little extra effort into your “GTL” like The Situation on MTV’s “Jersey Shore”. First you hit the gym (G) to get the muscles pumped and primed; next you get a tan (T) from a bottle, bed or beach to show off said muscles, and finally your pay attention to your laundry (L) which is a euphemism for making sure your outfit for the day is stylish and looking fine. During spring break, everyone knows the official costume requires very little actual clothing, just bikinis for the girls and surf shorts for the guys. For those that like to cover up a bit more add a straw cowboy hat, do rag or pair of sunglasses.

But you can add a little sumptin’ special for the occasion like a beach bum or Rastafarian wig and Jamaican crochet cap for the guys or a grass hula skirt and coconut shell bra for the ladies. All you need to add is a bottle of faux tan, a pair of flip flops and a laid back attitude and you’ll be ready to party through an endless summer.

Other costume ideas for a March trip to the beach include tacky tourists with Hawaiian shirts, white socks with sandals and cameras worn around the neck or even a sexy mermaid costume. If you really want to make a memorable entrance to the next Spring Break party, queue the “Jaws” music and jump out in a Man Eating Shark costume with legs sticking out of the mouth like a tasty swimmer dinner.