Awesome Valentines Day Tattoos Ideas 08
Awesome Valentines Day Tattoos Ideas 08

20+ Awesome Valentines Day Tattoos Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is just as good of day as any to get a tattoo. However, a lot of people tend to get a little too romantic on this particular holiday in the tattoo department. Several people will visit their local tattoo parlor or studio and get the ill fated lover’s name tattooed on them.

This is the ultimate tattoo no no. Tattoo artists themselves advise their clients not to go through will name tattoos because 90% of them end up being a huge regret.

If you are dead set on getting a tattoo on Valentine’s Day you may want to consider some alternatives. If you are a woman go with a cute little hot pink heart somewhere on your body or get a beautiful rose. Better yet if you are the boyfriend, or husband of the woman buy them a tattoo of their favorite flower, that way they will have it forever. Now if you are a man getting a Valentine’s Day tattoo is a little more tricky. You could always go with the traditional tattoo of a heart with a dagger going through it and have the word MOM written in the middle.

None the less if you are considering getting a tattoo on this lover’s holiday be sure that you have given a ton of thought to it and don’t make a huge mistake. Just remember tattoos are forever and sadly love does not last forever. Human beings fall in and out of love all the time. So be very wise about your tattoo choice.