Incredible Winter Outfits Ideas Glasses 11
Incredible Winter Outfits Ideas Glasses 11

30+ Incredible Winter Outfits Ideas Glasses

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As we near the end of Winter and creep closer to the beginning of Spring, there is a lot to look forward to. The dirty snow that lines city sidewalks will melt. The overcast clouds will give way to blue skies and sunshine. You can put away your bulky winter coats in the closet for next season, and most importantly, you can trade your dark, heavy Winter wardrobe and accessories for some fresh, new Spring and Summer looks.

Naturally, when the days get warmer and the sun comes out, sunglasses become an increasingly more important accessory, as you spend more and more time outside. But how do you know what style of sunglasses to wear that will best suit your face shape and the rest of your outfit? Thankfully, our fashion school experts have a few ideas to guide you in the right direction, when it comes time for you to trade in your ski-goggles for some ultra-sexy Summer shades.

If you have an angular jawline, and your face closely resembles the lines of a square or a heart shape, then you can most definitely pull off cat eye sunglasses for Spring. Originally popularized in the nineteen-fifties and sixties, cat eye glasses are characterized by their thick rims, and their arms which connect to the lenses at the very top, outer corners of each side.

Cat eye glasses best compliment women with angular faces, because they are geometrically intriguing themselves. Additionally, you can use them to accessorize a preppy look, like a skirt, blouse and cardigan. Or, for a more punk-inspired feel, choose the cat eye glasses in a bright color like fire engine red or electric blue, and pair the glasses with black jeans and a cut-off t-shirt.